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Fall/Winter 2009

Take the Cure

By Michaela Jarvis

Too much wine tasting? It happens. And because hangovers are a common Wine Country affliction, a Glen Ellen massage studio has come up with a cure: the 90-minute Morning After treatment.

Developed at Magical Massage & Inspiration Gallery, the treatment is a head-to-foot consolation for your postparty aches. First, you'll send your feet to detox, with a luxurious soak, containing soothing essential oils. Next is a relaxing 80-minute massage that will de-stress your muscles and get your blood flowing again. Then, slip into a mini facial that features hot towels infused with geranium, eucalyptus, grapefruit, and lavender. Ahhh.

Strangely enough, Magical Massage will have you climbing into a wine barrel to make your way out of the wine you fell into the night before. The massage studio is located in a high-ceilinged, cool, and serene 22-foot-diameter wooden wine tank, with beautiful cedar flooring and paneling. The interior is spacious and roomy-with a billowy curtained central skylight that lets in natural light-yet the roundness of the wine tank makes it a cozy sanctuary.

How's that for the hair of the dog that bit you?

For information, go to, or call (707) 327-6037.

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