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Spring 2010

Sheep Chic

By Michaela Jarvis

Sheep seem to figure prominently in sayings about fashion, whether you’re considering a wolf in sheep’s clothing or mutton dressed as lamb. And, with yogurt fashion, it’s no different.

The biggest fad in yogurt these days is sheep’s milk yogurt by Sonoma’s Bellwether Farms. Gushed about by food fashion mag Food & Wine, it’s the most delicious, healthiest, most eco-friendly yogurt to hit the stores in recent years. Ultracreamy, the yogurt’s tang is mild, and it shows off a long, rich, irresistible finish.

The sheep that live at Bellwether—which also makes gourmet cheeses and crème fraîche as lovely as a cloud—enjoy the stunning scenery of the hills of western Sonoma and graze on organically treated pastures. For them, Bellwether is like a spa, without the hot stone-massage. All of this comes through in the flavor of the yogurt, of course, and there doesn’t seem to be even the slightest taste of rancor regarding hot-stone massage not being part of the 24-7 sheep-coddling regimen.

Best of all, Bellwether Farms’ sheep’s milk yogurt has more protein, more calcium, and less saturated fat than yogurt made of cow’s milk. Those are product stats that should never go out of fashion.


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