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We often think of Valentine’s Day or a special day like a wedding anniversary to be the “appropriate” time to be romantic. We’re officially allowed on those occasions to be as fanciful, romantic and mushy as we like. And it’s fun. There’s no reason why that fun has to happen only once or twice a year.
The truth is that men and women both love and need romance, and many of the people who complain that their relationships are going nowhere complain most about the lack of romance. However, the truth is that it’s easy to keep the romance in your relationship alive — it just takes a little time and creativity.

Here are some suggestions for some new things you can do during the year to keep romance alive. We’ve also suggested some products and services that will help.

Write Each Other Romantic Notes and Letters...
There’s nothing more exciting than receiving a love letter. Whether it’s a long letter written on beautiful stationery in your love’s handwriting or a simple card with a quick love note that arrives out of the blue doesn’t matter. The surprise and the warm feelings you get not only from the words themselves, but the realization that your love took the time out of a busy day to write down his or her feelings is hard to beat. Take the time, do it often and don’t do it on a schedule. Talk about your feelings and your love — don’t worry about it being the most rehearsed or polished prose. And definitely do not send email. This needs to be personal writing — your writing.
FineStationery.com: Dedicated to the timeless charm of a hand written note on quality stationery. (888) 808.3463, www.finestationery.com

Go For A Walk Or Drive Together…
Getting away, even for an hour or two, is a great way to reconnect with your love. Go for a walk or a drive to somewhere beautiful and peaceful — a place where your surroundings will encourage you to focus on your partner and your romance. Take a picnic lunch and even some “mood” music and let everything go. You’ll surprise yourself at how fast the two of you will forget about the pressures of the day and turn your focus on each other.
International Wine Accessories: A wide assortment of wine and picnic gear. (800) 527.4072, www.iwawine.com
ComfortChannel.com: Broad selection of picnic and other outdoor gear. (800) 303.7574, www.comfortchannel.com
Entertaining Made Simple: A series of eight music CDs presented by master sommelier Andrea Immer for unforgettable dining experiences in your own home. Available where CDs are sold or from www.entertainingwithmusic.com

Throw Each Other A Party… For No Reason!
Throwing an impromptu party for each other is exciting and really fun. You don’t need a special occasion, you don’t need a fancy venue — just the desire to make your partner feel good. You could celebrate the end of a great week, or the end of a not-so-great week. Any reason is a good reason and the best reason of all is simply to celebrate that this person is in your life. Send an invitation, have a theme if you want, open some Champagne or other libation and be happy!

Tsar Nicoulai Caviar: A great source for the best in caviar.
(800) 952.2842, www.tsarnicoulai.com

Igourmet.com: For an amazing selection of cheeses and other gourmet foods. (877) 446.8763, www.igourmet.com

Riedel: For the best in festive flutes and wine glassware. Available at retail or from www.riedel.com

Domaine Chandon: Join their Private Cellar Club and receive their sparkling wine six times per year. (888) 242.6366, www.chandon.com

1-800-Flowers: Everything you need for floral decorations, or a surprise gift. (800) 468.1141, www.1800flowers.com

JAN/FEB 2005

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