Articles by Courtney Cochran


Multi-Tasking Tasting Room — by The Savvy Traveler
Napa's best one-stop sipping spot

Survival of the Tipsiest! — by The Savvy Traveler
Wine Country Bachelorette Dos & Don'ts

Snack Attack! — by The Savvy Traveler
The Best Wine Country Sandwiches

Dr. Seuss Comes to Napa — by The Savvy Traveler
Imaginative winery breaks new ground

Russian River Redux — by The Savvy Traveler
A region springs to life

Sonoma Showcase — by The Savvy Traveler
Coming Soon to Wine Country

Sonoma Showcase — by The Savvy Traveler
Coming Soon to Wine Country

Sonoma Diary — by The Savvy Traveler
Tales from the tasting trail

Cool Beans — by The Savvy Traveler
The Best Wine Country Coffee Haunts

Going Wireless in Wine Country —by The Savvy Traveler

What's Old is New —by The Savvy Traveler
Answers to the Old World-New World Debate

Festival 411 —by The Savvy Traveler
Your how-to guide to wine country festivals

Los Olivos —by The Savvy Traveler
Santa Ynez Valley - Small in Size, Big on Charm

Going Both Ways —by The Savvy Traveler
How to Hit Up Napa & Sonoma in a Single Trip

Spring Forward —by The Savvy Traveler
Get the jump on wine country this season

These Boots Were Made for Eco Trekking —by The Savvy Traveler
Green-themed hikes give visitors a new view of wine country

Backstage Pass —by The Savvy Traveler
Going behind the scenes in wine country

Wine Country Weather Report —by The Savvy Traveler
Make the most of wine country in winter while keeping dry

Wine & Chocolate SOS —by The Savvy Traveler
What you REALLY Ought to Know About Pairing These Two Treats

Truffle Love —by The Savvy Traveler
Everyone Says I Love You; Why Not Say It With Truffles?

Make Love, Not Wine —by The Savvy Traveler
Planning the Ultimate Romantic Weekend in Wine Country
Part I: Napa

Warming Up in Wine Country —by The Savvy Traveler
Wine country in winter doesn't have to be frosty and unwelcoming

Bang for Your Buck —by The Savvy Traveler
Score the Best Deals in Wine Country, Eats & Drinks

Retail Therapy —by The Savvy Traveler
Wine Merch Worth Traveling For

Young Guns —by The Savvy Traveler
Wine Country's Next Generation of Wine Makers Takes Off

Cocktail Tales —by The Savvy Traveler
If you’re anything like me, you spend much of your life in search of wine.

Wine Country After Dark —by The Savvy Traveler
Ok, so it’s not LA. It’s not New York. And it’s definitely not St. Tropez. When in wine country, don’t expect to find nightlife that rivals the major after-dark scenes from around the globe.


Wine with a Side of Fries —by The Savvy Traveler
What to quaff with these salty treats

New Twist on Bubbly —by The Savvy Traveler
Sparkling sake takes off stateside

Mustard Wines —by The Savvy Traveler
A Cautionary Tale

Spring Mountain Wine —by The Savvy Traveler
Worth the Drive

Merlot Fights Back —by The Savvy Traveler
A stunning new Merlot helps dispel the varietal's bad rap

Mega Crush —by The Savvy Traveler
You don’t have to leave the wine behind when you leave wine country

Unapologetically Pink - by Courtney Cochran
The best wines for romance, no holds barred

Couture Wine at a Sample Price - by Courtney Cochran
Savvy shoppers, listen up! If someone told you that you could snap up ultra-luxe designer duds at ridiculously reasonable Target prices, how long would it take you to remove everything absolutely non-critical from your schedule and skedaddle on down to start buyin’?

Winter Wines - by Courtney Cochran
There are all sorts of things that are wonderful about winter time. Snow, comfort food and roaring fires are just a few of them.

Holiday Wines - by Courtney Cochran
It’s that time of year again, and you have no idea which wines to pair with your turkey and stuffing, honey-glazed ham and other scrumptious treats this holiday season.

Blind Tasting 411 - by Courtney Cochran
Wine has so much variety to it that there's endless ground for discussion and debate.