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by Erika Lenkert

Gifts of Wine Country Love

With rolling grapevine-trellised hillsides, quintessentially atmospheric restaurants, plush accommodations, crackling fires, and resounding clinks of wine-filled glasses, Northern California Wine Country epitomizes romance. But you don't necessarily have to visit the region to feel the love this Valentine's Day or any other time of year. Just order tasty treats from any of the following websites, put on some mood music, dim the lights, and get those glasses clinking with a bottle of your favorite wine. Who knows—in this case maybe money can buy you love.
Bring Swanson Vineyards' celebration of "decadence with a wink" directly to your doorstep with the ultimate lovers duo—a beautifully boxed $110 Cabernet-Syrah blend and 12 exotic estate bonbons. Packaged to impress and in fantastic taste all the way around, it proves their point that chocolate and potions lead to notions.
If life is like a box of chocolates, I hope that it's of the Woodhouse variety. These handmade bits of gourmet chocolate heaven are crafted by the ex-owners of
S. Anderson winery, so it's no wonder their delicacies include a champagne truffle in the shape of a cork. Mail-order boxes go from $20 to $132, or drop in the shop for special holiday sensations.
State your love in Wine Country style with the rustic-chic style of dried grapevines woven into the shape of a heart. Ranging in price from $20 to $30, they hang beautifully on any wall and will last a lot longer than a traditional bouquet.
Jordan Winery isn't merely known for its well respected Chardonnay and Cabernet. It's also where you might find Sandra Jordan who shares her love for entertaining with a gorgeous array of tabletop and home accoutrements that she designs and sources. Woo the lover in your life with her textiles or silver or horn products.
If you haven't been to the Jimtown Store, you haven't lived! But you can get there without leaving your living room if you go online and order one of their gift baskets. For $54 you can whoop it up on their obscenely delicious fig and olive tapenade, Pt. Reyes Blue Cheese, and housemade crostini.
The winery that's just as famous for its lavender fields as it is its fermented grape juice celebrates the love of lavender with an astounding array of aromatic gifts, including lovely lavender tea in a wooden pot for $18, gorgeous lavender grilling sticks, and lavender soaps and bubble bath.
Of course wine wins hearts, too, and there may be no better place to purchase than online at Located in Napa Valley, this online auctioneer receives prized bottles from private collections around the world, including local folks who want to offload some of their most prestigious potions. Best of all, you can find some real bargains here since some of the lower end wines (think around $35) are often discounted each week until they sell. Buy up a mixed case and share it with someone special.